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The primary goal of Harmony is to offer young children and their families support, appropriate emotional, social, physical and intellectual development and quality care in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

Each child has the right to be respected for his/her feelings, abilities, needs, uniqueness and culture. By assisting a young child to develop a sense of trust, autonomy and initiative, a solid foundation is laid for his/her future growth.

We strive to provide a predictable, consistent and secure routine and environment in the center in order to lessen the occurrence of inappropriate behaviors. Children are taught the language and social skills they need to express their desires and emotions. The children are guided to find appropriate ways to achieve these desires.

Harmony prides itself on our nine cheerful and bright, age-appropriate classrooms, each equipped with observation cameras. Our 10,000 sq.ft. building, with security features to keep your child safe, was designed specifically with the young child in mind.

Harmony is equipped with a "wet room" where children can enjoy water play, sand play, splatter painting and various other art activities. Harmony also has a computer room for all age groups to participate in age appropriate programs. Each classroom has child size toileting facilities. We have three age appropriate outdoor playgrounds where the children can enjoy the fresh air and exercise daily. We also provide strollers for infant outings.
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